You Can Save A Shelter-Pet From Death

Buy a Flight-For-Life ticket on Pet Airways

and save a Shelter-Pet.





Your Ticket Supports

A Rescue and

Relocation System

The Pet Airways Save-A-Million Pets program connects shelters and rescuers throughout the U.S. to provide a database of shelter-pets available for adoption.
Once in the system, the availability of shelter-pets is broadcast throughout the system and shelters wanting the pets can request the pets be transported to them.
Our system then automatically puts in motion their transportation to the requesting shelter.

A Well-Organized


Our process uses the latest internet technologies available to minimize paperwork and the need for human attention making sure pets are relocated quickly.

Our system is accessible by member shelters and rescue groups with easy to use uploading techniques.

Using a simple step by step process, all important information is collected and available for dissemination. Communications between members is automated and easy to use.

Flight To A New Life

For a Shelter-Pet

The key to saving these shelter-pets is the ability to effortlessly ship them out of cities where they cannot find adopting homes, to cities where they are wanted.

With the Save-A-Million Pets system connected to the Pet Airways’ nationwide service, shelter-pets can be moved effortlessly to their new cities.

A Flight-For-Life ticket supports the Save-A-Million Pet Program and provides the life-saving flight for these shelter-pets.

With your purchase of a ticket today, we can save a pet from death.

Make A Difference By Sponsoring A Pet Airways Flight-For Life™

When you sponsor a Flight-For-Life™ Ticket on 

Pet Airways, you are:

  • removing a pet from death row.
  • providing them with a health checkup.
  • giving them their necessary inoculations.
  • flying them on Pet Airways to a city where they have a 100% chance of being adopted. 

How The Save-A-Million Pets Program Works

The Results Will Mean Life For So Many Many Pets

There are 3 million pets that die in shelter each year. So many wonderful pets that just want to live and give their love to a human companion. With  your support of the Save-A-Million Pets Program by Pet Airways,  you can save a pet’s life.
“Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he has saved the entire world”

Individual Sponsorship


Individual sponsorships count.
Each individual sponsorship means life for
another individual shelter-pet.
Sponsor a shelter-pet now, then tell your friends
and make sure they tell all their friends.
Before long we can Save-A-Million Pets.

Corporate Sponsorship


Corporate Sponsorship is a game-cvhanger.
A corporate sponsorship means life for hundreds or
thousands of Shelter-Pets
Get your company behind a cause that your entire
staff can be proud of.
We can provide co-marketing opportunities for your company.

A Corporate Responsibility Program by Pet Airways