You Can Play Your Part In Saving Shelter-Pet Lives

Join us in our campaign to Save-A-Miilion Pet lives.

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The Pet Rescue System Does Not Work Well

Shelters are

Over Crowded

There is simply not enough space in shelters to house all the pets until they can be adopted and there are not enough people in certain cities that want to adopt.

The Pet Rescue World

Is Disjointed

Currently, there is no well organized system and assets to create an efficient process to remove pets from shelters, quarantine them, give them a health check, inoculate them and to transport them to cities where they are wanted for adoption.

Transportation Options

Are Limited

Organizing multi-pet road transports are difficult to accomplish. Multiple vehicles are needed, many volunteers are required, the driving time is long, and it is a logistical nightmare to feed and potty break the pets during the journey.

Make A Difference By Sponsoring A Pet Airways Flight-For Life™

When you sponsor a Flight-For-Life™ Ticket on 

Pet Airways, you are:

  • removing a pet from death row.
  • providing them with a health checkup.
  • giving them their necessary inoculations.
  • flying them on Pet Airways to a city where they have a 100% chance of being adopted. 

Ready to Start Saving Pet Lives?

Sponsor A Pet

Every sponsorship count.

Each sponsorship means life for another individual pet.

Sponsor a shelter pet now, then tell your friends and
make sure they tell all their friends.

Before long we can Save A Million Pets.

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