Dan and Alysa Wiesel, Founders of Pet Airways with Zoe the inspiration for Pet Airways

About Pet Airways and the Save-A-Million Pets Program


We created Pet Airways so that pets do not have to fly in the cargo holds of airplanes. No matter what the human airlines tell you, the cargo hold is a scary and dangerous place for your family pet.

Once we were up and flying, we found that many rescue groups were using our services. Then we learned from them about all the pets in shelters that were dying because of lack of transportation options.

You see, rescue groups are mainly run by great, big-hearted pet lovers, but they do not have the assets to move substantial number of Shelter-Pets.

We put our thinking caps on and decided that Pet Airways could solve the problem.

With regular flights throughout the U.S., we realized we could create a system, using our assets, to save Shelter-Pets.

And that’s what we are trying to do.

  • Create a website where shelters can communicate with other shelters to let them know what shelter-pets are available and what pets are needed
  • Create a process where we collect Shelter-Pets in danger of death
  • Get them the shots they need
  • Make sure they are healthy to travel
  • Fly them to shelters in cities where they will be adopted.

We are enlisting corporations to sponsor the program and asking all pet lovers to help in this noble cause.


A Corporate Responsibility Program by Pet Airways